Meeting with Dr Habibullah Talukder Ruskin and Visit to NCD Clinic, Dhaka.

Interaction with Dr Habibullah Talukdar Ruskin, prominent Oncologist

Foundation Chairman along with Rotarian Mr Himu Chowhury of DIU and other BUP PhD researchers
met Dr Habibullah Talukder Ruskin, Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Bangladesh, Adviser to Centre
for Cancer Prevention and Research (CCPR), Chief Coordinator of Bangladesh Breast Cancer Awareness
forum. Later, he attended the NCD clinic opening at Dhaka.

Attending a Seminar Organized by DR Habibullah Talukdar Ruskin
with  Subhagata Choudhury  and 2 others at Community Oncology Centre সমাজভিত্তিক ক্যান্সার সেবার কেন্দ্র.
30 August 2019 · Dhaka
NCD Clinic Launching

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