Telemedicine service at Nazirpur, BaroigunBazar and Borkhapon, Kalmakanda .

Remote haor area like Nazirpu, Baroigun and Borkhapon of Kalmakanda upzilla were
brought under telemedicine service. First time the people learned about telemedicine and came in
contact with reputed doctor through video conferencing.


Telemedicine at Boroigun Bazar, Kalmakanda, Netrokona

Boroigun is another island village market in the haor area of Netrokona.

It was a great event for Chairman, Digital Healthcare Foundation to reach his own village through
telemedicine. The village falls into a remote haor area of Kalmakanda, Netrokona. Anyone from home
and abroad may be connected to their native village and visible though their participation. The
foundation will let the people know about the contributions.

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